Mobile First: The Weather Channel (TWC) Tablet App Insights

The Tablet Landscape:

  • 46.7 Million iPads sold in 2011
  • 140K iPad apps in AppStore
  • 85% of people use their iPad in their living room
  • 60% of iPad owners have purchased goods on their iPad - spending 10-20% more on their purchases.
  • The average iPad owner spends 1 hour and 35 Minutes a day using their iPad.
  • Looking up weather is the #1 activity on the iPad, TWC app is the #2 all time downloaded app of all time. (6.5 million downloads since launch)
  • 48% women vs. 52% men are use TWC app on the iPad.

Kindle Fire Stats (TWC app was preloaded on device)
TWC app was designed using a combination of iPhone+iPad app features

Kindle Fire is now the Top device for TWC app Usage, peak usage is from 8p-10pm of device. Upon launch usage surged but leveled off at 36 million page views/1 million per day.

Best Practices for Tablet Advertising:

  1. Targeting; utilize geolocation, demographic, event
  2. Customization: right message, right frame of mind
  3. Rich Media: Engagement, gameification:
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